Signs And Wonders

Signs And Wonders

Third Day Signs

“During our yearly ‘Rending The Heavens’ Conference the 28th of December through the 31st in 2002 I was caught away by the Spirit of the Lord. During this experience I was aware of the presence of the Lord next to me although I could not see Him. I was taken above the earth over Europe. It was night time there and I was carried to a city in the nation of Latvia. (I asked the Lord what country I was seeing and He told me). I came down through the clouds and into a group of apartment flats in front of flat 212. As I was about to knock on the door I heard crying in the apartment. I opened the door and made my way to the back of the apartment to a bedroom where a little girl, Natalya was on her knees beside the bed crying and praying to the Lord. I asked her why she was crying and she told me that she and her parents were hungry and cold and that they could not find any work. I was led of the Lord to comfort and encourage her and pray with her. Once I was finished praying with her I was immediately back in our conference and continued ministering.

This picture was taken during the time I was caught away in the spirit. It has been untouched and un-edited. It was taken with a digital camera. You will notice some movement in my upper torso, however there is no movement at all in my lower extremities. This is a supernatural manifestation caught on film.
Truly the Lord is releasing signs, wonders and miracles in this hour.”

When Jesus Visited

In November I was speaking in a conference in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The conference was held from the 17th of November through the 21st with a break on the Monday evening. During this conference I shared with Pastor’s Collin and Marie Gordon my desire to have Jesus literally step into the room for all to see. On the surface, this sounds rather odd. However, the Lord had been sharing revelation with us for the past couple of years that He was coming in the same fashion in which He had left. Let me explain:
Acts 1:11 “Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.”

From early in the morning on resurrection day until His ascension at Bethany, Jesus appeared to virtually 90% of the then known Church in resurrected bodily form.
1 Corinthians 15:4-8 “And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles. And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time.”
This does not even include the ladies in the Garden Tomb on that morning.
All over the world multiplied millions of individuals have been having encounters with the resurrected Jesus Christ as He appears to them and proclaims that He is the ‘way, the truth and the life’ and that they should follow Him. Many of these reports are documented and the vast majority of them are coming from Muslim nations.
Knowing this, my heart’s cry has been that Jesus would appear to myself and those we minister to also.
In Luke 24 we read the story of the two disciples who, early in the morning on the third day, are on a journey to Emmaus discussing all that had just transpired in Jerusalem when Jesus Himself comes alongside and begins to ask them what they are conversing about.
Verse 21 gives us the clue as to why they did not recognize who He was:
Luke 24:21 “But we were hoping that it was He who was going to redeem Israel. Indeed, besides all this, today is the third day since these things happened.”
The key is this – they had a preconceived idea about how Messiah was to come and establish His Kingdom and redeem Israel from Rome. It was this mindset of trying to conform the Lord into their ‘doctrine’ or ‘traditional understanding’ that blinded them to the reality of God’s plan.
In the same way, we missed Him on the night He visited us! On the night of our visitation, I was on the platform ministering when the following happened:
Outside at the entrance to the Church (all Churches in Malaysia or in office buildings and complexes because it is a Muslim nation and Church’s are not allowed to be built) a man came up to the ushers and asked, “May I come in?” He was soaking wet from an ongoing downpour.
The ushers’ answered yes, and said they would get him something dry to wear.
They took him up in the elevator to the floor the Church offices were located on and led him into a restroom. They then instructed him that he should enter the first stall and take his wet shirt off and dry off a little bit while they went to get him some dry clothes.
He said to them that he did not want to enter the first stall because it was filthy, but that he would go to the stall at the end of the room because it was clean. This confused the ushers. However when they checked the first stall it was as he had said, and when they checked the last stall it was clean, again, just as he told them. (How did he know???)

As the ushers were heading out of the restroom to fetch some dry clothes, the man said, “I thirst”. (This is a curious expression, even in the Malaysian tongue.)
Note: During this encounter this individual spoke fluent Malay, fluent Mandarin Chinese, fluent Tamil (an Indian Dialect) and fluent English.
When they returned they handed the man a black t-shirt, to which he replied, “I don’t wear black.” They handed him a cup of coffee thinking it would help with the chill of being soaking wet, and he replied, “I don’t drink coffee.”
When asked what he would like to drink the man responded, “Water.” When they returned the brought him his water and a red t-shirt this time. Upon seeing the red t-shirt the man hugged it to his chest and said, “I love red”. Once he took off his wet shirt the ushers noticed that the man had scars all over his body as if he had just been whipped! Not only that, he had a wound in his side and wounds in each wrist! Along his forehead were marks as if something sharp had pierced his brow, and when he walked it was stooped over as if he were carrying a heavy burden.
He was ushered into the service and sat down near the front of the Church. Pastor Collin asked one of his elders, a medical doctor, to go and examine this man so that they could pray for him with greater clarity.
When the doctor examined him he was shocked at this mans condition with all the scars and wounds.
As the ushers were bringing him to Pastor Collin for prayer, the pastor noticed the stooped over way in which this man was walking and said, “In the name of Jesus, rise and be healed.”
Immediately the man, with a grin on his face, stood erect and appeared to be healed!
After the service, the ushers asked what they should do with this man. Pastor Collin handed him some money to go and buy a nice meal and he replied, “Thank you, I don’t need your money.”
Again, a women moved by compassion, came from the back of the Church and offered this man some money and again he replied, “No thank you, I don’t need your money.” He then showed them two thousand dollars in fresh bills, each thousand rolled up and held together by rubber bands.
They were more amazed because it looked like this man had been mugged or beaten just before he had come to the Church, and yet here he was with $2000.00 in his pockets!
Pastor Collin then told the ushers to take him downstairs and call a taxi for him. When the ushers called the taxi, as they were instructing the taxi driver to take the stranger wherever he wanted to go, he vanished.
The Bible says to be careful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.
Was this Jesus? In retrospect all the signs would indicate that we were visited ‘unawares’ by the Lord Himself. There was a great peace and serenity about this man. He had a grace about him that was unusual. His ability to ‘know’ which stall in the bathroom was clean was unusual as nobody there had ever seen him before. His manner of speaking was unusual and his fluency in the languages of all the people there was highly unusual for someone who was a supposed ‘beggar’. The scars from a lashing, the wounds in his wrists, the piercing in his forehead, the hole in his side, all of these pointed to Jesus, and yet, our ‘understanding was blinded’ until after he left.
The most telling aspect of this was as Pastor’s Collin and Marie Gordon were driving home that evening (before they had heard that this man had ‘vanished’) was this: Pastor Collin was praying and asking the Lord, “Lord, what happened? We were believing for you to show up tonight and you didn’t.”
Immediately the Lord responded, “I did”, and with that, this strangers’ face flashed before his eyes.

Truly the Lord is amazing!


Healing testimony

“I had a shoulder problem for about two years from sports, (Swimming, Volleyball, and Cheerleading) and no matter how much physical therapy I did, it never seemed to get better.

The doctors did 2 MRIs to see if I tore it, but there wasn’t any tear. The only thing they could think of was I damaged my long thorasic nerve, and there was nothing they could do about it.
My doctor was somebody my family has known for a long time, and is a really strong christian, and he said that God is the only one that could heal it, because no medicine or therapy is going to was just that kind of injury.

After hearing this I was kind of depressed for a while, and angry at God. No matter how much I prayed it never seemed like anything happened or I got an answer back. After a while I just didn’t care anymore..I wanted to be done with God but I knew that wouldn’t be right, just to walk away like that.

I wanted him to talk back to me and when he didn’t it made me doubt him even more, so I just stopped praying and trying. I was tired of living in pain.
Then one day, on my own, I decided to get prayer from Bruce Allen at a confrence at my church, because I had a little bit of hope that maybe God would do something. That day my shoulder was really sore from sports, and after he prayed almost instantly I realized the pain was gone, I could move my shoulder in the ways it hurt to before, and even the soreness was gone! After this, I just felt like I was filled with something, and I began to cry because I was so happy that it was over, I was finally healed.

Right after this I told Bruce what had happened, and then I was in tears almost the rest of the night. I was filled with so much joy that replaced a lot of the anger I had in me, and that day I was the happiest I have ever been, and I wanted to tell everyone what God did for me.

Not only did God heal my shoulder, he changed my heart, and now I have no more doubts, and I know he is there. He’s made me want to seek him more. Everytime I think about what God did for me that night makes me so happy, my shoulder could never have healed on it’s own.”
-Tiana Martin.

Jesus appeared to me…

Hello Pastors Bruce, and Reshma,
I wanted to share with you what I saw during the afternoon session when you had us all close our eyes. Jesus appeared to me as He came the first thing I saw was his robe which was deep blue. It was as if he stood before me as I lay prostate, although in the natural I was standing. I saw the hem of the robe, and I lifted my eyes upward and as I did I stood, the top of his garment was white- the shoulders and sleeves. As I stood very close to him and looked at his face I looked at his beard. He said you may touch my beard. I started to reach out to touch it, but then stopped, and asked him “Lord, they pulled out your beard, but it is whole.” He said “yes, but when I was resurrected even my beard was restored. Go ahead and touch it.” So I did and it was smooth but course under my fingers. Then He put his arm around my shoulders and drew me to his chest to hear his heartbeat. At first I thought this was all sort of odd, but this AM as I read something I learned that blue is the color of revelation.
In my spirit I realized that what He is telling me is that He is going to reveal His heart to me in an even greater way. I so appreciated the conference, this past w/e.
I came away so refreshed and affirmed. For sometime I have been told to be quiet and not share what the Lord has revealed to me (by pastors), or been told that God wouldn’t say that, or had others imply that I must be crazy for believing things, that He has revealed to me.
I am so grateful to have been led to Commandment 1, and to have been there to receive impartation from you.
Thank you.
-Constantly Abiding with the Lover of my Soul, Myra

The Year of Isaiah 60

The Year of Isaiah 60

Isaiah 60:1-2 “Arise, Shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.  For behold, darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon you, and His glory shall be seen upon you.”

This year of 2016 is fraught with prophetic fulfillment as no other year has been.  On the horizon, within sight we are seeing the aligning of nations in preparation of the Psalm 83 war.  We are seeing the threat of terrorism rear it’s ugly head within nations that once thought they were well insulated from such diabolical deeds.  We are seeing the failure of leadership in our governments and the wholesale selling out to the spirit of perversion and apostasy at an astonishing speed.

In the face of this, the year began with falling markets throughout the world which has only increased since the beginning of the year.  Banks are warning investors to pull their monies out of markets because a crash is coming.  The once thriving international market of trade and consumerism has come to a screeching halt as people are fearful of what they sense coming.  For the first time in history over 85% of all cargo ships are sitting empty and anchored offshore – carrying no goods to the nations.

If it sounds like I’m painting a bleak picture – I am – for the world!  As believers in covenant with Messiah we are about to see the most astonishing demonstration and manifestation of the presence and glory of God that has ever been witnessed in human history.

We have been clearly hearing that in the midst of judgment His glory will be revealed and the Spirit of the Lord is saying that for those who are endeavoring to walk in intimacy with Him, this is the year of Isaiah 60 coming to reality in their lives!

Too often in todays lukewarm seeker sensitive approach to the gospel christians refuse to believe that the Lord is a covenant keeping God and that actions have consequences.  They devoutly state that a loving God would not bring judgment and that His only purpose is to release blessing and prosperity.

The sad truth is this spirit of delusion has set up a large majority of the church for a very rude awakening!  Scripture has always portrayed a righteous holy God that judges rebellion and sin.  Yes, He is merciful, and yes, He is loving, and it is because of this very fact that judgment comes – to bring us back to our senses and to the standard of His holiness.

Profound insights that will challenge religious paradigms will be released in this hour – with the full understanding of what “as it is in heaven so shall it be on earth” really means!  There is a unique synergy that is taking place between heaven and earth and that interaction will manifest as God’s people move into the revelation of His glory this year.  We are about to see our light coming and His glory resting upon us to such an extent that the nations will take note of this unusual manifestation of the coming forth of the mature sons of God.

Now is the time for all who have been standing in faith for that “new thing” that has been so elusive to be realized.  The Spirit of the Lord is saying, “No longer shall it tarry, but now it shall spring forth.”

I want to encourage all who have grown weary and discouraged in hoping and standing to see the fulfillment of their promises – this is the hour of your promise springing forth!

Bruce D Allen

Still Waters International Ministries